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  • Frozen Fruits

    Fruits, harvested on our own and plantations of our cooperators, are delivered to our processing facilities within the shortest time possible. Method of harvesting, hygiene, method and speed of freezing, allow us to offer completely safe and top quality product.
    We take special care in choosing the variety, which will allow us to grow controlled and quality fruits which helps us offer perfectly safe and top product.
    Our chosen varieties of Raspberry, Blackberry and Strawberry are things that are making a difference in your products.
  • Frozen Vegetables

    In our assortment we offer peeled fillet of a frozen roasted red pepper, individually frozen. As well as frozen blocks of peeled roasted pepper, varieties Kurtovka and Demirska kapija.
    Besides these, we also offer peeled roasted red pepper with seeds. In our range we also have red and green pepper, that are diced and sliced.
  • Frozen fruit purees and juice

    Choose the flavour

    In addition to berry purees and purees from apples and stone fruit, we offer purees and juice from citrus and exotic fruits. What makes our product different from others is the fact that our purees and juices are natural, without added sugar, colours and flavours with extended expiration date.
    Our wide range of flavours is what will make your dishes, pastries, cocktails to stand out. We have 25 flavours, from mango, passion fruit, coconut, raspberry, strawberry to yuzu, cherry, red and white peach. Among our range you can also find BIO fruit purees.
  • Frozen Concentrate

    In our assortment we have natural, frozen fruit concentrate of a lemon with 6% pulp and oragne concentrate as well as lime with pulp (brix 45-46). This product mixed with water is equivalent to 5-6 l of natural pressed juice. This product allows you to save money, to always have the same quality and concentration. The concentrate is natural, without added colours and flavours. Once defrosted, the products can be stored in the fridge for up to 7 days. The frozen concentrate can be kept for 2 years. Once defrosted, the product can't be frozen again.
  • Fruit Syrups

    In order to reach more customers, we have created a special line of fruit syrups. Our fruit syrups are made from the finest quality produce which allow you to create top cocktails, different flavoured coffees, as well as other alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. You can find 12 different flavours in our range.

  • Frozen Pastries

    For the past year our desire has been to connect and offer our traditional products with flavours from around the world and bring them closer to our customers. In the desire to do that, with our partners who produce traditional goods from our region, we are able to offer traditional pies with cheese, meet, potatoes, cherry and pumpkin pie, as well as burek and dumplings with fruit fillings.

  • Other Products

    Besides our products, in our assortment we have different products from domestic and foreign suppliers. Our motto for this product category is to offer the best quality products at the best prices. We hope you will see for yourself.

  • Frozen Toppings

    Toppings are made from the highest quality fruit using special technology, that keeps the product's taste and quality. The toppings are 70% fruit, without the added artificial colours, aromas and preservatives. They can be used for ice-cream, sorbets, cakes, yogurts...