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~ Fruit Syrups ~

Top flavors for all your drinks

In order to expand our offer and bring it closer to as many consumers as possible, Frigoland presents a special line of fruit syrups. Our fruit syrups are made from the highest quality domestic and imported raw materials, which guarantees top quality and richness of taste.

Advantages of Frigoland fruit syrups:

  1. Top quality – We use the highest quality domestic and imported raw materials to ensure the best products for our consumers.
  2. Variety of flavors – In our assortment, we offer 12 carefully selected flavors, perfect for all kinds of drinks.
  3. Versatility – An ideal addition to cocktails, coffees with different flavors, as well as other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Our range of fruit syrups includes:

  • Strawberry Fruit Syrup – Add a refreshing fruity flavor to your drinks.
  • Raspberry fruit syrup – Perfect for cocktails and desserts.
  • Blueberry fruit syrup – Ideal for coffee and smoothie drinks.
  • Peach fruit syrup – Adds a special flavor to teas and lemonades.
  • Pomegranate fruit syrup – A rich and exotic addition to your drinks.

… and many other flavors that will satisfy all your needs and preferences.

Why choose Frigoland fruit syrups?

  • Quality and freshness – Our syrups retain the natural taste of the fruit, without added artificial colors and flavors.
  • Easy to use – Fruit syrups are easy to dissolve and easy to use, allowing you to quickly prepare your favorite drinks.
  • Universal application – They are suitable for use in cafes, bars, restaurants, as well as in households.

Try Frigoland fruit syrups today and bring a wealth of natural fruit flavors to your drinks. Enjoy the quality and variety of our carefully selected products and enrich every moment with perfect taste!